Adventures in Chalk Paint

In any relationship you have to make compromises.  Thankfully D has learned to live with the surprise of coming home to find new pieces of furniture hanging out.  Usually it is chairs.  I still dream of benches (or a church pew, oh wow, a little church pew would look so nice on my breezeway!)  But lately it has been picnic tables, turtle sandboxes, and my newest friend.

Looky looky what someone did not want!  Can you believe it?  this little lady was sitting on the curb with a few cribs and random other things and I was sure it was a mistake.  But nope, the owner even helped me load it into the trunk!  And when I thought a leg was wobbly, she checked the screws herself!  I want to drive by her house every day and see what else she gets rid of!

Pretty pretty little table/picture frame holder!  With pretty curved legs and pretty hardware.  But not pretty really.  The wood was too shiny and a bad color and that gold hardware…  enough said.

Most people would use the room this table now lives in as a formal dining room.  But we don’t need a dining room.  Our 7 foot long table is in what we call the stone room, because it has a stone wall.  (good thing we are more creative when we name kids!).  We call this room the downstairs nursery.  Its main purpose was a hold a co-sleeper (downstairs crib) and a changing table.  And boxes and boxes and boxes of diapers.  But the co-sleeper is boxed up (I am ready to put it in the basement but not ready to sell it just yet).  So now the rooms main purpose is changing and storing diapers.  Eventually that room will be a craft/sewing/puzzle room for me and Emily.  I want to do big puzzles with her and let her leave them out without worrying about the babies eating them.  We will bring up the old butcher block table for puzzles and crafts and stuff.  So I am starting to transition the room with this table.

For a week or so, the table sat there, holding pictures, daring me to re-imagine it…  And then it hit me – chalk paint!  It hit me so hard that I went right out to get the plaster of Paris, a drop cloth, and Emily.

it was really funny actually.  The teachers knew I was getting Em early, but she didn’t.  As I walked in, I heard her saying, “Miss K—-, I miss my mommy, do you miss your mommy?” and then she turned and saw me!  I love fun surprises like that!  (and I love summer vacation, I have the best job ever 🙂 )

We rushed to home depot, got the rest of the materials, went home and got started!

We took off the legs and then Emily was in charge of removing the ugly gold hardware.

I won’t go into details on exact measurements/proportions, they are all over Google, but I selected Plaster of Paris instead of calcium carbonate or unsanded grout.  Just the choice I made.

Which ever medium you choose, stir it into water first.  Once it is completely dissolved, then mix in the paint.  I used one cup of Benjamin Moore Blue nose paint – and I have leftover paint!  This stuff works and covers well!

  Benjamin Moore 1678 Blue Nose Benjamin Moore 1678 Blue Nose, a color that I literally chose on a whim one day.

This is my pretty table with one coat of blue nose chalk paint.

I already love it and I love the chalk paint!  I seriously did not sand, did not prime, I did nothing but wipe down the table and make sure it was clean.  I think it came out super!

I LOVE IT!!  The hardware looks MUCH better in silver, the table is gorgeous and it is just perfect.

And it looks even better with pictures of my kids on top.

And it is twin approved!

one last before and after:


It is odd really, normally I prefer wood tones for furniture.  But this table looks So pretty now!  I love it!  And Emily and I have already started our next project.  Another chair.  She picked turquoise for the base color, but I think I want to add some navy accents….  stay tuned…

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Chalk Paint

  1. I cannot believe someone threw that out. Talk about from trash to treasure. This is such an awesome post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us!


  2. I stumbled onto your blog via Pinterest. I laughed when I read your first paragraph in ‘Adventures In Chalk Paint’. I’m a chair addict and I desperately want a church pew and my husband puts up with all my purchases. I wish I could find a great freebie. You did great 😉

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