Gymnastics Show

Emily’s last gymnastics class was today and the class put on a show.

We arrived early and the teachers let us have some free time in the gym, which Emily and the babies adored!

It gave Emily a chance to show off some of her skills

And it gave the babies a chance to explore a huge room full of mats that was most definitely child proof and baby friendly!

Then the show started.

The kids opened with a demonstration of the warm up exercise on the floor and then moved to the bars and the beam.

Emily on the bean:

Kudos to Mr.M for catching Emily and yes, I stopped breathing when she lost her balance, but she never gave up!

Emily on the bars:

Then there was some free time on the equipment.  Emily loves the cheese mats and excels at forward rolls!

And the award ceremony

We signed Emily up for gymnastics on a whim.  We went to a birthday party at “The Little Gym” the day before I gave birth and I was so impressed with Mr. M and the class that I signed her up.  She went to her first class with me just home and the babies in the hospital.  I am still impressed with the facility and the teachers, but the time is not working for us.  We may do another class in the fall.   It is Em’s call.


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