Personal space

One of the lessons I am trying hard to teach my kinds is that we all share.  Every night, all three kids play in Emily’s room.  We all play in the babies room, in my room, in the bathroom (in the bathtub), etc…  Everyone is free to go room to room, unless someone is sleeping.  And I want that to be the norm.  But that said, I think it is important that everyone have their own space in the common areas.  A place to sit and read, relax, whatever…  I wasn’t sure how to set that up, until now.

My mother in law recently asked me for ideas for presents for the babies first birthday.  I had some ideas but nothing seemed right.  I am big on presents with meaning and longevity.  And it hit me!  A chair like Emily’s!  Emily still uses her chair and I placed it next to a shelf with all of her books in an effort to create a reading nook for her.  That reading nook is now a reading line.

Three little chairs for three little people.  LOVE IT!

it must be genetic because when Emily got this chair at about their age, her favorite part was the box, it still is.

That box was a huge hit!    And is placed prominently in the family room, just as it was when Emily got her chair.

But we can’t sit around all day in chairs or even in boxes (even though I expect the box to go outside a lot this weekend).

And Sidney fell in love with grandpa’s hat

Spencer was with us, he was just busy eating the mail….


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