Happy First Birthday!

One year ago the world changed completely.  Emily became a big sister.  And we welcomed two new babies into the world.  Our lives have never been the same since.   Our sleep patterns have never been the same since.

This morning I was remembering that day.  Waking up to my water breaking 5 weeks early.  The contractions, D reading the monitor and telling me that they were easing up (yeah right, data does lie!).  Hearing Spencer cry for that first time.  Hearing the doctor say, I am cutting now.  That awful headache as the pre-eclampsia took over.  Not knowing if Sidney had even been born.

And while all of that was racing through my head, two little babies were touring the house.  Side by side, and occasionally with one in the lead, they crawled from the family room into the bathroom.  Emily loved this, “mommy they want to close the door for privacy, they have to go potty!”

Those little laughs, those cuddles and snuggles.  Seeing all three kids playing together.  Seeing their pride when they see their own artwork, when they crawl, when the figure out a toy.  Seeing them learn, experience, grow.

After 4 years every day with Emily is still a gift.  And she has given that gift to the babies.  Everyone who knows the babies knows of Sidney’s obsession with her turtle shirt.  And Emily, knowing of Sidney’s love for this shirt (which by the way she is wearing to celebrate her first birthday), wants to take her to the aquarium as soon as possible, to show her the turtle.  Seeing how much Emily loves these babies fills my heart completely.

In the past year we have refilled our lives with everything baby.  And now we have packed up so many things baby.  Gone are the boppy pillows, the nursing cover, the co-sleeper, 2 rock and plays, one of the swings, the infant bath recliner, the activity gym, and lots and lots of baby clothes.  And now in every room we have books, blocks, and balls.  We have love, laughter, and tickles.

It has been quite a year!  I can’t wait to see what comes next, but at the same time, it is hard to say goodbye to my babies as they become older.  A part of me misses the swaddles, the rock and plays, using the co-sleeper on the high setting.  I used to be able to change Sidney;s diaper in her sleep, now I can barely keep Spencer on the changing table during diaper changes.  It used to be that a receiving blanket was all I needed to keep the babies neat and clean during feedings.  Now I need to mop the floor, scour the chairs and chair pads.  I used to get a little smile, a gentle cuddle, now I get screams of laughter, huge grins and hugs. I miss the tiny babies, but I love the little kids they are becoming!


Happy first birthday my fabulous babies!


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