Happy Fathers Day 2013

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest man I know, to the father of my children, my soul mate, my love, my best friend.

For D’s second father’s day we did the same shot with just Emily (obviously).

DAD for web

How is that the same child as the one above?  Are they suppsed to get that much bigger?

Saturday was the twins first birthday party, which will get its own post soon.  While Uncle M was up, he and D switched Spencer’s car seat out.  My baby boy will now be sitting in a convertible car seat.  Who on EARTH thought this was a good idea?

Spencer at one month

Look how TINY this baby is!  And you think he is ready for a big boy car seat?  Setting aside the obvious issues – needed the stroller 100% of the time, not being able to let him sleep in the car seat once we get to school, home, anywhere…  let’s set that aside and focus on the fact that my tiny, tiny, preeemie, newborn baby boy is big enough to put away the infant car seat.  This seems wrong.


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