First Birthday Party

363 days after my babies were born, we had a fabulous birthday party!

The only problem with Emily’s birthday is that she will never have an outside party and if, by chance, we spent time outside on her birthday, she will never have an outside pool party!  I have been waiting my entire life as a mommy to have a summer party and today we did!

We did a rubber ducky theme.  The table had a yellow cloth and a ceramic ducky (thanks to whoever donated it to good will 🙂 ) in the center.  We pulled out Emily’s pink kiddy pool and the turtle sandbox I scored on craig’s list free.  Both were filled with water and rubber duckies (which doubled as favors). The other favor was the Stewie the Duck book.    I even made food signs with duckies on them, but never printed them out.  But the thought was there.

Gorgeous big sister helped me set everything up, down to the last balloon.  And we had a lot of balloons.

Each baby got 6 solid color balloons for the official birthday picture.

gorgeous man LOVED the balloons!!

Serious Sidney spent a lot of time examining them.  Her photo shoot was also punctuated by wind.

lots of wind!  Love those little legs sticking out!

But once the wind settled down, things improved quickly!

The weather was fabulous for the party – a great breeze, perfect temps, plenty of shade, and everyone had a great time.

Spencer even enjoyed Sidney crawling over him.

I am still upset that I was never able to do monthly pictures for the babies the way I did for Emily.  But now that we have a snazzy personalized birthday banner, I think that instead we will do yearly pictures with the banner.

It was really everything I imagined in a first birthday party.  And before I get all sappy about how much my babies have grown and changed, I will sign off…  We turn 1 soon, very very soon!


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