strawberry fields forever

Last year I was devastated that we could not go strawberry picking, but first I was way too pregnant to be able to handle it and then,well, we had these tiny little babies to take care of.    And now I have 3 little people in my life who love strawberries.  And it is strawberry season.  SO one day Emily and I dropped the babies off at school and went strawberry picking.

2 year ago we went as a family, so we went on a Saturday.  Fun, awesome crop, but SO crowded!  This year, since I decided to not bring the babies (sorry guys, you’ll come next year, I promise!), we went on a Wednesday, which loosely translates into, we went on the ONE day this week without rain.

At the field where we go to pick, you pay by the pond on the way out.  Em decided to save us some money by eating a TON of strawberries.  We are really lucky that they don’t weigh the kids on the way in and the way out.

Poor Grandma thought we were just stopping by to borrow her air mattress for cousin Amy, little did she know we intended to kidnap her and bring her along!

But grandma was a great sport about it and got her own little bumper crop of deliciousness!

Emily loved it!  If we can eat through our pickings before the season ends, I promised her we would go again soon!  In the meantime I am hunting down strawberry recipes and making a lot of smoothies!


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