we are on the move!

Sidney has always been headstrong.  If she wants something, then nothing will stop her from getting it.  She will find a way.  Whether it is on her own accord, or by screaming until someone else does her bidding, she gets it done.  I like to think that this will serve her well in the future.  My littlest girl has always been independent, has always done things her own way, on her own terms, but she always tried to do it herself first.  And if that fails, make mommy or daddy do it.

Case in point – mobility.

Sidney was rolling early.  As a baby Emily rolled, but really only to show that she could do it.  She never rolled with a purpose.  Sidney rolls with definite purpose.

She rolls, pushes off with her legs to move backward, uses her feet to change direction.  She can get anywhere by rolling!

The noise in the background is Emily’s version of exaggerated crawling, trying to entice Sidney to crawl.

My baby now has another way to get around!  And as proud as I am, it is nothing compared to how proud Emily is!

Moving beyond crawling…

We spent the weekend outside as much as possible.



If the dress looks familiar, it should.   Here is Emily in the same dress. It is a size 6 month dress that Emily wore at 5 months until about 8 months, or fall. Sidney wore it for the first time today at 11.5 months! My tiny little peanut!

We sat, we played, we watched Emily blow bubbles and play baseball….

And then Spencer tried to show Sidney his foot…

And then they both fell over…

And completely random, but I am sharing this because I LOVE her shirt!

And Emily wore my k’tan carrier with her baby doll, so cute!


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