18 wake ups

In 18 wake ups, the babies will be 1!

And that blows my mind!  ONE!  The babies are nearly an entire year old.  I have been planning a birthday party, but it is just starting to hit me that I will have one year old babies soon.  Very soon.  Weird.

wondering why I can’t get a picture of all three kids looking at me at the same time?  Here is a glimpse into trying to take a picture of them.

For one year minus 18 wake ups, my three kids have been best friends.  I treasure every second of them playing together, laughing together, cuddling together.  Emily is so careful about the size of the food pieces she gives them (practically microscopic because she does not want them choking), the toys she gives them to play with (nothing with a string, gotta keep them safe!), and the books she lets them read (board books that they cannot rip or eat after Spencer ate Llama Llama).  And in return, they just light up when they see her.  Playing with Emily makes their day.  Hugging Emily, tickling Emily, tackling Emily, they just adore her.  And I love that.

Nope, not smiling, but they are both looking at the camera an that is a major accomplishment in itself!


Alone, Sidney smiles and Spencer plays with the play mat.  They are nearly one and have definitely personalities.  They want to learn and explore everything.  They want to see everything.  Experience everything.  EAT everything!

And the greatest big sister ever is also the most gorgeous


I picked up this dress at a consignment store not realizing it was missing 2 buttons.  Emily loves that she got to pick out the buttons – one purple, one orange and one clear.  All with different colored thread.  Love the way it came out!

and some fun shots from earlier in the week

Afternoon playtime, Spencer fell asleep on the car ride home and was napping nearby.

we have stopped wearing anything other than dresses, this was an afternoon modeling session/Frisbee game.

Ultimate Frisbee champ!

And Emily performed a concert one afternoon, in English and Spanish and her love for her stuffed friend Elmer.  I LOVE watching her sing and dance and just wish she as facing me!


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