A little warning next time?

OK, Sidney, repeat after me…  “Hey, mommy, daddy?  I have some soreness in my gums, could you address that please?”

But no, not my daughter!  I have been checking gums for swelling periodically for a few weeks now and I have seen some swelling but nothing major.  Some fussiness here and there, a lot of clingyness, but nothing that strongly signaled teething to me.  Especially not in Sidney.

2 bottom teeth. Just 2. With apparently one more cooking…

This morning at day care she was great, as long as she was on my lap or in my arms.  But the second I put her down or a teacher took her, major meltdown.  We tried breakfast and that worked for a few minutes.  This girl loves to eat and then again, screaming!  I scooped her up again and we tried a diaper change.  And that is when I saw it.  A third tooth.  BOTTOM ROW!  I have been checking UPPER gums and here she goes and pops out a tooth on the bottom.

Teething gives baby girls the ability to balance sheep on their heads!

This was a big weekend of firsts.  Spencer army crawled for the first time.  Sidney drank from a straw for the first time.  And Emily hit her first grand slam!

She is a fabulous batter but takes the bat with her around the bases.

Emily loves playing baseball, with occasional breaks for hopscotch or a hug.   She does tend to skip second base, and occasionally she hits the ball, runs to third and then runs home again.  And every time she hits the ball and races to a base, she takes the bat with her.  And loves every minute of it!

edit – Sidney came home from school sporting ANOTHER bottom tooth, just about to poke out, bringing her grand total to 6!

Next morning edit – the 6th tooth popped back under the gum line, back to 5, BUT Sidney crawled a single “step” this morning!  Emily and Spencer both clapped for her.  I cannot keep up with all of our milestones!


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