And again, with the chairs…

My obsession over chairs here has not diminished…

Usually I paint chairs black, for our dining table.  But after a while you get tired of black.

So when I saw on ad on freecycle, I jumped.  It was a free rocking chair and all the ad said was that it was in “good condition” and there was no picture.  This is what I started with.


A fairly boring, run of the mill, nothing special, rocking chair.  At one point someone decided to paint this poor chair a brownish 0r burgundy-ish with gold accents.  And it looked horrid!  Sad, sad, chair.

I have been working on redoing the basement into a kid zone play room and thought I might be able to work this chair into this playroom.  I want the playroom to be all sorts of bright fun colors and this chair was suffering from an identity crisis.  I put the chair in the basement to hide until the weather improved and my schedule loosened up.  As I worked on the walls, or did laundry, or played with the kids downstairs, the chair and I had a few “therapy” sessions.  It turns out the chair had spent its life yearning to be bright red.

Top half happy, Bottom half sad

And the end result is a VERY happy chair!

What a happy chair!  (ignore the paint drips on the carpet behind it, those will be cleaned out, someday…).  The chair LOVES being red and loves being in front of the bright purple polka dotted wall. (always check the target clearance aisle, you never know what you will find there – one time, I found boxes of glitter alphabet stickers for $.50 each that have brought Emily more than 2 years of fun, and a few weeks ago, removable polka dot wall stickers for about a doller).

Add a pretty seat cushion (Pier One clearance aisle, I love clearance aisles 🙂 ), or better yet, add a seat cushion and the world’s cutest 4 year old…

Identity crises averted!  Whew!  This is one happy chair!  Apparently the cure for an identity crises can be found in a can of bright red spray paint.  This is good to know.  But could be odd if any of the kids ever suffers an identity crises….

My next chair is already lined up!

This beauty was on the free section of Craig’s List!!

another sad sad chair…

Sad chairs make me happy 🙂  I have already started removing the nail head trim.  This will be a LONG project – don’t expect an update any time soon.  I am fairly sure I can take it apart, but I am not so sure I can rebuild it….

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