The best $1 I ever spent

One Friday I was off from work and it was a gorgeous day so I decided to check out a barn tag sale.  And there I found it – my dream bench!  It would be fabulous on the breezeway.  And ti was only $20!!!!!  And it was sold.  I was devastated.  Seriously that upset.  So I wandered up the street to an estate sale just for fun.  I had never been to one before.  It was a surreal experience to be in a house where everything was for sale.  Everything.  Spoons, chairs, a weird kidney shaped desk, sheets….  you name it.  Most of the fun for me was wandering the house – did I mention the estate sale was right near Greenwich?  This was an amazing house!

I did buy a couple of things.  A few books for Emily at $2 each, an art pad that was brand new for $1, a Peter Pan print I loved for $10 and a dress up dress for $1.  The books have been a huge hit.  The art pad has been used daily (it is super nice paper too!).  The Peter Pan print I re-framed and matted and it will go in the basement.  The dress up dress I hemmed to take care of some fraying in the tulle and has been worn almost every day since.

The dress was a big hit with all my girls

Sidney was upstairs with me while I was hemming the tulle layer, so she got to wear it first.  She was completely lost inside that dress.  She has not worn it again, partly because it is ridiculously big on her and partly because Emily is nearly always in it.

The dress is enormous on Emily, about a foot too long, at least.  I still need to hem the bottom layer for fraying, and I might just shorten it a bit.  In the second picture you can see we are teaching her to hold her dress up high when she walks and even then, it is way to long.  Emily thinks it is fabulous!

Spencer did not try on the dress.  In fact, he barely paid attention to the dress action happening all around him.

Sometime a guy needs alone time!


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