Mary Mary Quite Contrary….

How does your garden grow?

Lately the babies have been eating a lot of non-pureed food, which is a post all in itself.  The relevant part here is that I no longer spend all day in the kitchen making baby food.  And yet I still feel as if I have no time to accomplish the things I want to accomplish.  I made a big dent in things today though!

Basement wall painted – check (basement transition to kids play zone coming eventually)

Gardening – lots and lots of gardening – check!

A few days ago, a very generous teacher in Emily’s room gave me the most amazing gift – a Japanese maple seedling from her yard!  I am still stunned by this!  It is so gorgeous, so generous, and SO SO SO much appreciated!

Do you like this spot little tree? It is nice because it is near the swings!

First we took the tree for a walk all around the yard, trying out different places for it to live.   This was where I originally wanted to put some Japanese maples and dogwoods (until I saw a dogwood for sale at a nursery the other day for $150!  AK!  I want like 5 or 6 but not at that price!  Any friends out there with dogwood seedlings? 🙂 ).  Emily liked this spot because it is near the swings.  The area in the front right corner of the picture is where an azalea bush was until a few days ago.  It was deader than a doornail (how it a doornail pronounced dead anyway?), so I cut it way down and D dug it up and put it in the back woods to compost down.  My long term plan is to grass that area, so we decided on another spot for Myrle Maple Tree.

Say cheese little tree! No, this spot doesn’t seem right either… hmmm…

We decided to put the tree on the side of the house, at the edge of the woods.  It is a nice sunny spot, near trees, (so it won’t be lonely), and near some newly planted flowers.  It is also near some mock strawberry (AK!!  I thought our mock strawberry infestation was done…  sigh, I will attack).  Speaking of infestations, in that first picture, all the greenery behind Emily that is so pretty is the dreaded garlic mustard.  It really is a pretty plant, I will give it that, but it spreads like wildfire and it so hard to get rid of!  But I am on the case!  I have eliminated about half so far…. So I didn’t want to put the tree near garlic mustard, for obvious reasons…

So we settled on the side yard and Em and I out it in its new home.  Then we served it a snack.

“Mommy, I promise to water it once a month”  (don’t worry, it has been well taken care of and has been watered regularly)

We did the planting in the evening, while the babies were sleeping, but if they were awake and outside, they would likely have looked like this

Sometimes you just need an unrelated cute picture of babies playing

Then today, Emily and I did more planting.

I don’t have a picture of it, but we put California Poppies in the side woods, near the new tree, but not too close.  They will seed themselves and if they take, we should have a lovely little poppy patch soon.

We put daisies in the front of the house.

That little plant in the front corner is my new daisy plant.  I have wanted daisies forever and am so happy to have finally gotten some!  I chose a brand called Vanilla Butterfly Daisies.  Isn’t that the best name ever?  The beds up and to the left are Black Eyed Susans, with Clematis climbing up the trellis.  To the right are 3 day lily beds and about the day lilies are my Forest Flames that might also be called Mountain Fires and some boxwoods.  So with all that yellow and purple and gold and white, the daisies should fit right in!  (here is a post with the day lilies in full bloom and last year’s California Poppies in the background – second to last picture)

And lastly, we put in the herb garden!

it already smells SO SO good!

This years herbs include:

in the middle – lavender.  This year I chose flowering and medicinal lavender, not the “herb” variety per se.  I wanted the height and the scent.  I found that I wasn’t really cooking with it much.  Below the lavender are the chives.  Moving around to the left we have the chives, rosemary, apple mint and of course, parsley.  The scent of the rosemary with the lavender is SO good, but when you throw in the apple mint in, oh wow!  This is the reason the herb stay on the front step – we can smell them in the living room when the door is open.

(and for fun, one year ago today, and two years ago today)


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