Eating Grass, my little goat

Sidney is a crazy baby, really, truly, 100% crazy.  She is powered by jet fuel, high test jet fuel.  She only has 3 settings – really happy, really NOT happy, and neutral.  Nothing in between.  Sidney does not giggle a little, she laughs great big.  She does not sigh and mope, she screams in anger.  Never let it be said that she is NOT her own person.

One of the things about Sidney that constantly amazes me is how her mind works, and how FAST her mind works.  I must have hundreds of pictures of her with a goofy smile.  She has a FABULOUS smile.  She loves to smile.  She knows how to smile.  This kid can smile.  Put a camera in her face and her pretty, sweet, little baby, fabulous smile, turns into the goofy smile her big sister gives the camera.  Really, the cheesy, toothy (gummy) grin with the eyes closed and everything.  I swear she sees the camera, gives a goofy smile, and rolls away.  I have tons of pictures of Sidney rolling away at high speed.  I need to start taking pictures of her about a minute earlier.

But she loves being on the other side of the camera too.  On nice days we stay outside after school.  I bring out the huge play mat (Tiny Love Super Mat, LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing, it is big enough for me and all 3 kids!)  Most of my pictures from outside play time are of Spencer and Emily, because Sidney only wants to sit on my lap.  But today, she played, and I got the camera out.

Yeah, so every time I get the camera out, Sidney gives me a cheesy, silly, grin.  Except today.  Today she was solely focused on looking away and eating grass.

Not a cheesy grin in sight.  No big smiles either.  But finally, some gorgeous shots of my beautiful baby girl

In between shots she backed/rolled off the play mat and played with grass.  I am fine with this.  Grass is new to her and she should experience it.  But she is an eater.  And yep, she tried to eat grass.

Grass is just one of the many, many, MANY things Sidney eats.  The girl who has actually slapped people for daring to hold her bottle.  Now she vehemently pushes (shoves, dare I say, slaps?) away any spoon coming near with pureed food on it.  But she is 10 months old.  and a preemie at that, so instead of 45 weeks, her adjusted age is 40 weeks.  And she is supposed to drink from  bottle and eat mostly pureed food with some finger food.  Much like, um, her brother…

Tonight’s dinner:

Sidney refused her bottle after about half an ounce.  Sigh…  Spencer took about 5 of his 6 ounce bottle.Spencer ate his dinner nicely – pureed butternut and acorn squash and strawberries with apples.  I am making their food a bit chunkier lately and he did well with it.  Sidney gave me a look when I tried to give her purees.  So she had petite peas, which she LOVES, tiny sweet potato chunks, and chicken.  And every now and then she accepted a bit of purees.  Yesterday I made star pasta (an awesome concept but there are stars all over my house right now, it is impossible to find and contain them all), mixed with dairy free sour cream and dairy free butter, and the petite peas.    Spencer was not interested (a texture thing), Sidney inhaled it.  So I have one baby who eats baby food and tried out finger foods, and one who feels that baby food is beneath her.   So is it any wonder the girl tried to eat grass?  And yet Spencer still has 3-4 pounds on her.

The world’s best baby girl eater and her gorgeous brother


One thought on “Eating Grass, my little goat

  1. They are so cute. It is fun watching them grow. I continue to vote for you on Circle of Moms Top 25 which we are both in this year. You may want to add something to your posts so that your readers know to vote for you every day through May 8th. : 0 )

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