After 10 months, a visit to the park

I am ridiculously proud of myself right now.  Today, on a whim, instead of going straight home from school, we (aka me and Emily, the babies did not vote) decided to stop at a park to play.  This used to be SO easy.  Go to a park, unload the one child, play, go back to the car, go home. Now it is more complex.  And yet we did it and did it well.  Only took us 10 months….

The babies must have known something was up, because when we got to the park they started dancing and talking up a storm.  And they got even more excited when they say the double stroller – they love this thing!  It was not as hard as I imagined.  And not as hard as it would have been a few months ago, a few weeks ago, even a few days ago.  The park we went to is a small park on the edge of a large field, in the woods.  It is a lovely setting and a favorite of ours.

It is now a favorite of the twins too.  They each tried out the swing for the first time.  It is also worth noting that the first time Emily went on the swing was at this same park.

And Emily went on the big girl swing!

She tried going down both sides of the slide at once too…

it was a gorgeous spring day, a perfect day to play in the park, and I am sure only one of many days in the park.

Tomorrow, April 18, the babies will turn 10 months old!  This was a great way to celebrate, and now, we need to start planning a birthday party!


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