Things I love

Some things have happened recently that I just loved!

Spencer had a bad week a few weeks ago, a VERY bad week.  But we got through it, fixed the issue and he is my happy, smiley, boy with giggles trapped in his tummy (don’t worry, he and I work very hard to get them all out 🙂 ).  One weekend he nursed before his nap and fell asleep in my arms.  He had had such a bad week that I could not bear to put him down.  My heart was so happy looking at that happy sleeping baby.  Eventually I did I try to put him down, and no dice.  The look on his face, with those big brown eyes….  he spent another hour sleeping soundly on my chest.  Bliss!

I invented the coolest game ever.  Spencer loves it and Sidney finds it mildly amusing (generally, I get the feeling she is above this game, she is so smart that it scares me).  The babies sit in front of me (ok, Spencer sits, Sidney is in the bouncy seat) and I bend and touch my forehead to their feet.  Cracks Spencer up every time.  Cracks Sidney up about half the time.  I love love love those baby laughs!

The other evening, Sidney went to sleep and Spencer and Emily and I stayed outside to enjoy the warm spring air.  I picked a daffodil for Spencer to check out.  He smelled it, smiled and took it for me.  I expected him to eat it, but instead he tried to put it behind my ear.  Future heart breaker right there!

Every day when I pick the babies up from day care, Sidney shrieks, smiles and laughs when she sees me.  Both babies want cuddles right away.  Most days I get to sit in the rocking chair cuddling them both.  I love sitting there with both babies in my arms, watching them.  They talk up a storm, touch each other, and talk some more.

One of the sweetest parts of every day is my bedtime, and no just because sleep is so good.  I love checking on all three, and seeing all three sleeping soundly and happily.  Another sweetest part is first thing in the morning.  All three wake up so happy to see us!


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