Spring has finally sprung!

We made it!  The trees have tiny buds on them, my hydrangeas have tiny little green leaves, and the air is warmer!  Today it was 80 degrees.  EIGHTY!!!  Finally!

This morning it was still chilly enough to wear a sweater, but it was nice enough to take out time outside.

Look in the background – daffodils! It is officially spring now!

Spring mornings are a good time to catch up on some reading while breakfast cooks

And after school we only go inside to take a bath and go to bed!

The babies have HUGE appetites when we eat outside – today they went through about 12 ounces of veggies (sweet potato, acorn squash and zucchini) and about 12 ounces of fruit (strawberry, banana, and peaches).  Sidney also had 5 or 6 fingers of goat cheese and was begging for more, 5 or 6 tastes of roasted red pepper hummus, again, begging for more (also begging for carrot sticks, but was denied) and 3 tiny pieces of chicken.

Sidney crashed hard at 5:45pm, and after she was all tucked in, we stayed out to play some more.

Spencer and I took a walk around the yard, visiting every corner of the woods, and checking out the signs of spring

Sadly,temps are about to fall, in a few days, we will be 30 degrees lower, with a projected high of 53.  Hello spring colds, good bye 80’s…  but unlike leg warmers, the warm temps should come back to stay, I hope soon!


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