Boying it up

When I was pregnant, we found out the sex of the babies relative early and I managed to keep it a secret until we were ready to go public.

Well, mostly.  I had one slip up.  D and Emily and I went to meet up with my cousins in West Hartford.  I count Amy as one of my best friends, and we often joke that we are twins because we are just so similar.  It is hardest to keep secrets from her.  And I let it slip.  We were talking about the fact that I had just painted Emily’s bathroom purple, (and for more views of the color, here is the post where I removed her wall mirror)  D commented that it was pretty girls – to a table full of girls (that was fun 🙂 ) and I said that I would need to “boy” up the bathroom eventually.  Oops.  And Amy does not miss a beat!

So I turned to Amy for help and together, we redid the kids bathroom.  It is still purple (I love the purple of that room, it gets SO much light and is just so pretty), but I did take away the flowers.

The pretty floral shower curtain was replaced with this 3D (as in the fish really are 3D – they are raised, it is pretty cool)  fishy curtain.   Truth be told, I wanted to do an owl theme and found an owl shower curtain that I really liked, and that went well with the purple, but it was a bit busy ad this bathroom is too small for that.  This curtain is much simpler, so we went with a fishy theme.  I am 0-2 on themes.  I wanted a turtle nursery, Emily wanted a monkey nursery, we have a monkey nursery.

My cousin and I sent a few hours picking out things for this bathroom and I think we did a great job!

Since the bathroom is too small for really good pictures, here are the stock (sales) pictures.

I love that bathmat on its own merits but also because it brings in the purple.  I put fish decals up in various places and Emily loves seeing them “swim around” during her bath.  No one would ever call this bathroom masculine, but I don’t think any man would be ashamed to use the bathroom either.  And besides, when Spencer gets big enough to actually care, his sisters will be hogging the bathroom and he will just use ours.


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