40 weeks

One of the things the babies enjoy most at school is art time.  Right next to the gallery wall of Emily’s art, I have started galleries for each of them.   Spencer especially loves looking at the pictures he has made.  Most days they come home from school in the outfits I sent them in.  I never even wondered about the painting process.   Until they had the kids make a mural for one of the walls and I saw the pictures.


(these are pictures of pictures, the originals are hanging on the wall at school with the mural)

Apparently there is a reason why my kids love art so much!  And now I understand day care tuition – most of it must go towards laundry detergent, because they came home that day clean, in these outfits, which were also clean.

When they are not rolling across masterpieces, my babies are learning so much!

Spencer is scooting backwards! The sun room is a good place for scooting.  He ended up under the art table.  Once or twice he has even tried to get up on all fours!  I think he will be crawling before his first birthday (only 3 months to go!).

He loves pushing himself all the way up like this.  He surveys the area around him from his new found height, much like a non-power mad Yertle the Turtle.

he is the master of sitting!

Sidney on the other hand, has absolutely no interest in sitting.  And really, why bother with things like sitting?  Sidney is the mistress of rolling.   Day care reports that she is so determined that she will try to roll over the other kids to get a toy or get to where she wants to be.  They find her hilarious, whew, because the alternate is to see her as a bully (shudder).  She is more determined than anyone I have ever met!

Sticking out her tongue is a new favorite!

She is also funnier than anyone I have ever met.  Except maybe Emily…

Here Sidney, let me fix your head for you…

The babies have now officially lived outside of me for as long as they were supposed to live inside me (in an ideal, singleton pregnancy, but you get the point).  Those days and nights in June and July are not at all a distant memory.  I remember them all.  I remember that first night when only Sidney was home (and it seemed like such an easy night).  I remember not knowing which baby I was nursing.  The exhaustion, the confusion…  But I have a hard time tying these incredible people to those tiny preemies.   Sidney especially is light years away from that tiny baby who I never knew was born.  I look at my babies and I can see them laying in those isolettes, but I can also see them playing, reaching for toys, chewing on my fingers (not as much fun with teeth).

With all 3 kids, one of the sweetest things for me is to check on them before I go to bed.  All 3 kids sleeping happily in their own beds. I can still see the babies sleeping on the Rock and Plays in our room.   Spencer now sleeps almost exclusively on his tummy (from day one he slept on his side).  Emily and Sidney have a myriad of favorite positions.  But when they are all sleeping soundly, it makes my heart smile.


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