9 Months Old

In the past 9 months everything has changed.  D likes to say that things are never boring in our house.  And that is certainty true!

Our weekends are always full.  We have gymnastics class, we often have playdates, I make as many batches of baby food as I can (this weekend I made herbed carrots, sugar snap peas, spinach, peaches and papaya), cooking for big people, reading, drawing, creating, cleaning and more loads of laundry than anyone can imagine.  Definitely  never boring, never slow, never dull….  And in the midst of all this are 3 kids with huge, and unique, personalities.

Sidney is fiercely independent!  And this goes beyond her need to hold her own bottle.  She is feisty and determined.  She will get the toy she wants, no matter how far away it is.  She will find a way to get there, get the toy and get back to where she wants to be.  She does not yet know how to put on her socks, but I give it a month or so…

Thanks to guest videographer Grandpa for this great video!

Sidney is really 9 months going on 4 (0r 5 or 6).  She is SO much like Emily that it freaks me out!  For example, when she sees the camera, she gives me a silly smile, just like big sister does.  She has her favorites stuffed friends, just like Emily (in fact, one was Emily’s as a baby…) Sidney needs all three friends in her crib at night, but her giraffe (pronounced GiraffEE) gets the most loving.

Sidney sound asleep with her friends – left to right we have seahorse, her turtle (Emily has a similar one) and giraffee (giraffe-E)

Gorgeous Sidney and her bottom 2 teeth (the top two have just popped out)

And that is one of her “standard settings”.  Sidney smiles and laughs great big, she cries great big, she gets MAD great big (generally accompanied by great big, loud, screams and shrieks), and she is serious great big.  Sidney does not have anything in the middle.  She goes all out with her emotions – every time.  When she sees something, or someone new, she will stare at it, as if she is memorizing it, learning every feature and then, only if it passes her evaluation, smiles great big.  When Sidney is not happy, watch out.  And when she is, the world is a brighter place.

In comparison to his feisty sister, Spencer is blissfully mellow.  I am not sure I could handle both of them this feisty!

Nothing beats that smile!

Spencer is, and always has been, my little cuddle bug.  He is a funny, funny, little man and loves to laugh.  Once you get him going, he will laugh forever!  Especially when mommy says “uh oh!”.  “Uh Oh” always leads to huge laughs!  He loves to read (ok, he loves to sit and listen to stories), and his favorite book is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”.  I had no clue that song had so many more verses!  School tell me that he loves doing art, and he loves looking at the pictures he made that are hanging on the wall.  He recently learned how to sleep on his belly and loves it!

Spencer loves that he knows how to sit and he is getting so good at it!  He worked so hard at sitting, it was cool to see his progress, and now, he can do a few minutes unassisted, more every day.  In comparison to his headstrong sister (sisterS?), Spencer is more content to go with the flow.  Until he isn’t anymore.  When Spencer does get upset, complete with tears, it kills me.  Sidney might get upset or mad out of frustration, frustration at not being able to roll through a wall, or not being able to pull herself up to see into the toy box, things like that.  Spencer gets upset because of things that were or were not done TO him.  Especially when Sidney rolls into a position to kick his head – he hates that!  Or rolls onto him, not a fan…  I am sure it is only a matter of time before he puts his foot down, likely ON his sister, but generally he takes it until he is tired of it.  My little man, always know that I will rescue you and make it all better!

9 months of being a big sister has made Emily the funniest little kid who tells the best stories!  The babies still adore her and love nothing more than playing with her in her room.   Emily had to learn fast to put away certain toys and to hang up her backpack.  She is generous with her toys though, and great at sharing.  There are times that she wants to be alone with me, but so far, we are balancing everyone needs.

Showing off her new haircut and her St. Patty’s Day green

A new bike! Happy 4th Birthday Love Grandma and Grandpa (complete with a helmet)

Emily is kind, gentle and caring.  This past weekend I took her to see a local school’s production of A Chorus Line.  I have been listening to, loving and singing the music from this show since I was 12 or 13 and seeing it on Broadway was beyond a dream come true.  So I took Emily to see it, before she is old enough to understand the things that are not appropriate for a 4 year old to hear!  She loved it!  YAY!  We did not make it to the end, but the show is over 2 hours with no intermission…  In the show, near the end, one character, Paul, hurts his knee and is out of the audition.  it is a minor scene that sets up a song (What I did for love).  We left before that song and in the hallway, Emily turned to me with a very pale face and huge eyes, “Mommy, is Paul ok?”.  She was genuinely concerned for him, and I love that!  I assured her that he was fine, a quick trip to the doctor and a band aid and he was dancing again, but I had to reassure her a few times.  Sweet Emily, I can;t wait for our next show!


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