Emily, the musical version

And now, for your musical enjoyment…

I am proud to have contributed greatly to Emily’s musical preferences.   She has not yet been exposed to the greats, like Barbara Streisand or the Chorus Line soundtrack, but she loves Free to be You and Me.  I did this show in high school and still love it, so I am thrilled with her obsession.   These are catchy tunes with positive messages that are great for kids to internalize.

You and me are free to be you and me.  I see a land bright and clear, and the time’s coming near, when we’ll live in this land, you and me, hand in hand…

It’s all right to cry, crying gets the sad out of you, it’s all right to cry, it might make you feel better

and the most important in our current world…

Brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers, every father’s daughter, every mother’s son…

*These are all great messages for kids to learn.  The importance of loving your brothers and sisters especially!  But also the importance of embracing the range of emotions that a kid goes through (sloppy, sappy, hoppy, happy,change and change and change…).  And some of the songs she did not sing that day include William wants a Doll, (because someday he is gonna be a father too), Helping, Glad to have a friend like you and When we grow up.  All great messages with a catchy 70s beat.

But here is the thing.  I am not a single parent.  And while that is fabulous, it is also risky.   Because while I am trying to expose Emily to Broadway, Barbara, Reba, and Free to Be with it positive messages about life, D is teaching her about his music.

And not to be left out, the twins are starting early on their musical career.

(*these videos were all shot into the light, bad photography move, oh well…)


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