The 35 week mark is a milestone in pregnancy.   At 35 weeks there are only 35 days to go.  At 35 weeks pregnant with Emily, not much was going on really.  I was working, going out, etc…  At 35 weeks pregnant with the twins… well, I was not doing much at all.

It was a Monday, and as the clock ticked to 12:01am, I became 35 weeks pregnant.  5 and a half hours later, my water broke and by 3:00 that afternoon, Emily was a big sister.  It was surreal to say the least.

Fast forward from Monday June 18, 2012 to now and the babies are 35 weeks old.  (well, technically they are a bit older, but I wasn’t able to get this post up on the exact 35 week date, it was started when they were 35 weeks…)

My first glimpse of Spencer was from a wheelchair.  I was not able to hold him in my arms yet.  But at least I could see him.  My second glimpse was much better.  He was in the open air bassinet, off his CPAP, and just waiting for my arms to hold him!


And here he is at one month, my gorgeous man cozily sleeping, and watching, always watching.  He sees everything, he always has.  He is so observant!


And that little man has only gotten more gorgeous as the weeks passed


That smile melts me every time I see it.  My little man is a cuddler.  He is, thankfully, mellow.  He puts up with his sisters, and it is a good thing too, because he has a lifetime of that in front of him.

And speaking of his sisters…

I did get to hold Sidney during that first meeting,and even with all her wires and monitors, she was just as gorgeous as her big sister.

While lately, Sidney is known for not wanting to bother with silly things like naps, she started off as an awesome sleeper!  Here she is sleeping at one month and taking a nap out in the sunshine at 2 months.


And today Sidney is the funniest baby girl!  She clearly sets goals – to get to a toy (and eat it), to get from point A to point B, and does her best to reach every goal!


And together, from the beginning, in the NICU, to now….


Also at 35 weeks, big sister Emily is still amazing!  She is the best big sister and gets involved in everything, from picking out outfits, to wiping runny noses, to cuddling, comforting, tickling, and kissing.  Emily loves being a big sister and the twins just adore her!

Sunday was Daddy’s birthday and Emily picked out this balloon just for him “because daddy likes sports”.

So at 35 weeks (give or take 🙂 ), the babies have lived outside of me longer than they lived inside of me.  In the beginning, inside was MUCH easier, but outside is much more fun!  Especially now.  D likes to say that every week they change, and every week we are blow away by those changes.  All 3 kids are amazing, each in their own way, and I am blown away that all three of them are mine.  That I made them (from scratch!), and get the privilege of watching them grow and learn and develop.

And similarly, I want to wish D a happy birthday (yesterday, hence the balloon with Emily).  D you are my best friend, my world, my everything.  I love sitting with you trying to figure out these kids, laughing, vegging on the sofa, reminiscing about the “old days” and planning for the future.  The kids and I love you so much!


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