8 months old

It is hard for me to really understand that the twins are now 8 months old.  They seems so much older and so much younger than that.  They seem older – has it really only (only?) been 8 months?  It seems like much, much, much longer.  but then again, 8 months?  But they were just born a few months ago!

First, because I think it is fun, here is Emily at 8 months. A huge difference, but then again, she was not a preemie!

At 8 months Sidney is all over the place.  She rarely stays where we put her down.  Unlike Emily, she never really rolled with purpose, Sidney rolls all over the place.  The other day, D put her down on a play mat in the nursery, and she rolls across the room, landing under Spencer’s crib.  By the way, she rolled across the hardwood floors.  (thump thump thumpty thump until she landed under his crib, where she had the time of her life playing and laughing).  Sidney is pretty serious until she gets into her comfort zone.  It is actually pretty cool – when she experiences something new (like every 2.5 seconds), she stares it down, trying to figure it out and once she either understand it, or is comfortable with its existence, then she relaxes, laughs and enjoys it.   For Sidney, everything is funny.  She loves to laugh and has the best little belly laugh!  She is not a fan of socks and could be on the Olympic sock removal team.  When she is not happy, watch out!  But when she is happy, she is thrilled!  She really only has 2 settings – thrilled and furious.  Thankfully she spends a lot of time thrilled.

Spencer is more mellow, still.  Whew.  He also has a fabulous little belly laugh, and when he is mad, just run, run far and run fast!  Nothing against my girls, but Spencer has the best smile ever!  When my little man smiles, I completely melt.  I am powerless to resist him, and that could spell trouble in the future.  Spencer and I can sit and read or sing for hours.  He loves just hanging out and talking about his day (when Sidney let’s him that is).  He loves to touch faces (especially glasses), it sort of feels like he is memorizing my face or something.   He does the same to Sidney when I hold them both at the same time.  His hands are all over her face.   And his touch is so gentle too.   A future sculpturer perhaps?  He already has a best little friend in day care, and his face lights up when he sees him and his favorite teachers.   Spencer is starting to seriously think about sitting.  He does not quite have it, but I have a feeling it is coming soon and I can’t wait!  I think my life will get a bit easier once the babies start sitting on their own.

And Emily?  Still the best big sister ever!  This evening Sidney fell asleep early and Em and Spencer played in her bed.  Both babies love this treat, and Em does too.  Both babies love me and love D, but they worship Emily.   And when she visits the baby room at day care, they are all in heaven.  I love watching her play with them.  “Mommy, when they are crying they don’t want you, they want me”.  She loves to hold them, feed them, cuddle them, hug them and kiss them.  She helps with diapers but had yet to take the lead.  And fortunately she sleeps through all the night wakes ups, but I do wonder if they wake up at night because they want to play with her…

We got to school one morning and Emily was thrilled to see the dress up clothes were out! This was a favorite that week and she was so happy that I remembered the camera!


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