Happy Valentines Day my babies!

Valentine’s Day is all about being surrounded by love.  I am beyond surrounded by love and while it is overwhelming at times, it is beyond fabulous!

I have been working on a Valentine’s day themed photo shoot of the kids.  A cool picture (or 3 pictures) we can use for their valentines for their friends and something for the family as well.

Emily and Sidney trying out a second set, I really like this set up a lot and want to try it again with the navy sheet!

Well, today is Valentine’s day and it simply hasn’t happened.  I got some good ones, but I never got moving on it really…  I did take pictures of the kids this morning before school and they came out so cute!  Not posed, no cute set/set  up like I have originally envisioned, but it is reality – it is my three kids sitting together in the big chair in Emily’s room, being themselves.  And I love that.

This is my reality. And I love it!

And this is my reality and I love this one too!

Another one of my realities (from a few days ago) – I live with lots and lots of fairies. Tinkerbell reigns supreme in my home


I don’t love our sleeping situation.  I don’t love that we are struggling with those top teeth big time and that is messing with eating and sleeping.  But in the morning, the real morning, when they have those smiles and we start a new day…  Nothing is better than those smiles.

Except maybe the laughter.  The deep bally laughs that all three of my babies have.  Those laughs, the cuddles, the smiles….  Holding them, all of them.  Cuddling with Emily over a book, a puzzle, a conversation, a tea party…  and I can’t wait until I get to cuddle all three of them.  I day dream of movie nights, game nights, reading stories or doing puzzles in front of the fire.  I can see the future tea parties, poor Spencer forced to participate.  I see trips to the beach, to our favorite farms to see the animals, pick berries, apples, pumpkins….  And I can’t wait.

But I can wait, because I can’t stand the thought of rushing  this time.  Of wishing away babyhood.  Because even in the middle of the night when I am forced out of the most comfortable position, forced away from those delicious pillows and blankets, I am so madly in love with all my babies.  So this Valentine’s Day, I want to thank my babies for letting me be their mommy.  For letting me learn how to be there mommy.  For letting me make mistakes.  For showing me how far a heart can stretch, and then stretching it even further.  I love you my babies!


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