And after the storm…

Now this is how you do a blizzard!

With all the previous storms we were beyond miserable – no power, no heat, no water…  Every the freak wind storm last week resulted in no power.  But this storm – apparently the worst New England has seen, and we are blissfully fine.  We have power.  We have heat.  We have water.  This is how you do a blizzard!

The day started with the amazing revelation that we have power, followed by a quick “fate temping” load of laundry, and tons of playing.  Dressed as a fairy princess, Emily played doctor, drew, played with stickers, and did puzzles.  She also helped me take some pictures of Sidney.

I am still working on the set up I want for Valentine’s Day pictures.  I like what I came up with yesterday, but it needed some tweaking.  Normally it does not take me several tries to get a shot set up – I do it and go, and go with what I get.  But I want to take some really nice shots and I want them set up nicely.  And my test subjects have the attention span of a walnut.

Sidney was a great test subject!!  I love the way this shot come out!  She looks great in the darker color and the background is perfect!   The location is wrong – I was shooting into a big window, with tons of sunlight bouncing off the multiple feet of snow in the back yard…  But I think I have my set up!  And it is a good thing too, because shortly after I got the light setting the way I wanted them, Sidney ate my “set”.

For my “set”, I turned Emily’s chair backwards and draped a pink sheet over the back of it and over the bumbo seat.  Sidney sat in the bumbo and voila – great, easy background!  I totally forgot that I had this sheet, and a purple one too.  They are part of Emily’s sheet sets, but she still does not use a top sheet, so now they are photo backgrounds.

The only problem with this series is that Emily was taking pictures next to me – on my left, and Sidney would not take her eyes off Em.

And what were my men doing while the ladies were busy with the photo shoot?

2 gorgeous sleeping men; ignore me shooting directly into more sunlight

Emily and I made a potato chip pizza for lunch, a big hit in our house.  We made homemade potato chips,and then rolled out pizza dough, topped it with olive oil, herbs and the chips and baked it off.  So good!  We capped off the day with D’s amazing homemade pasta.  My contribution to dinner was an olive oil sauce – olive oil with a ton of shallots and 2 cloves of roasted garlic and a bit of salt.  So yummy!  The babies enjoyed fresh peaches and roasted butternut squash.  Em and I roasted the squash yesterday and also made a batch of apples.  Today we made baked peaches.  Tomorrow is sweet potato day.  For us, storms + power = a lot of cooking, what could be better?


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