Before the storm…

In preparing for Hurricane Irene, I bought newborn diapers for Emily to diaper her baby doll with.  For Sandy, I filled the greenhouse window with jugs and bottles of water.  For winter storm Nemo, so far I have filled one pitcher with water, made a huge pitcher of iced tea and D has blown up the air mattress, just in case we need to tuck Emily into bed in front of the fire.  Maybe the trick is to prepare less, not more?

In preparing for Nemo, I decided to start working on Valentine’s Day pictures of the kids.  For Emily’s first Valentine’s Day, I did a series of her holding a red metallic heart that I used in my maternity pictures**.  The way I am going, the twins first Valentine’s Day pictures will be of them holding a red piece of paper…

So here is my starting point

Both of these shots are cute and both give me idea for the Valentine’s Shoot.  I know I will use the same dark sheet I used for Emily (mostly because it is my only dark sheet, but it is currently on my bed, being used as a actual sheet, so that has to wait…).  And I know Spencer needs to be in that shirt – my current favorite!  or anything dark blue.  And now I know that as much as Emily loves the shirt she picked out for Sidney, that she needs deeper colors too.  Both kids have my coloring!

And I know that this is one of my favorite shots of Mr. Man

I have a bunch from his solo series that are so fabulous!  Wow, he is gorgeous!  (Sidney’s solo shots are not as good, I will try again tomorrow…).

Once the gorgeousness was captured for all eternity, we headed out for the twins 7 month well visit.  I will just give you the numerical highlights – 2 babies, 6 shots, one adult, one snowstorm.

When we got home there were only a few inches of snow (so far), so Emily did get some time outside.

And now, bring on Nemo, I guess I am ready.  But since we have had power less than a week, I am NOT ready to lose power, again…

** There was an issue a few months back with missing blog pictures – they are being rebuild slowly and the maternity shot does not currently have pictures in it.  I am working on the issue, but want the link there for the future, when the kids read this…


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