More Baby Corporate Sponsors

I want to offer thanks to more companies for their generous twins programs.

A bit ago, I thanked some companies for their generous gifts to parents of twins: Baby Corporate Sponsors

Since then,we have been the very lucky recipients of more gifts and I want to publicly thanks the companies for their generosity.

Beach Nut baby food sent us a stack of coupons and coupon books.  We are very grateful to them for this,even if I am making my own baby food.  With all the power failures we have had lately, we are likely to need to buy baby food, and these will help a lot!  Feeding 2 babies is already an expensive endeavor!

Dr.Browns was incredibly generous and sent us 2 bottles!  I am a big fan of their bottles, even if there are a ton of parts to wash!  This was so generous and we are very grateful to them!

And lastly, aquaphor- oh my goodness, aquaphor!  We use aquaphor all the time and they generously sent us a ton of samples and coupons!  These are stashed in the diaper bag, my purse and in the car.  These generosity is also greatly appreciated!

I just want to take the time to thank these companies for being so generous to parents of multiples – you make it just a bit easier!


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