Are we there yet?

Last week D was in India on a business trip. That week I got a grand total of 10 (TEN) hours of sleep.  Total.  He is back now.  YAY!  But that does not mean we are sleeping any better.  Generally I am up once during every hour of the night.  Still.   At 33 weeks (today).  The babies are 7 and a half months now.  I am ready for longer periods of sleep.  While I would LOVE them to both sleep through the night, I am not necessarily expecting it.  Ever.  I just want longer stretches.  If they were both up once a night – NOT at the same time please, but just once or maybe twice.  That would be so great.  Just saying….  I am off to lecture now.  I am lecturing on theories – all morning.  And I love theories so this is a good thing.  But I do fear that I might doze off.  I hope my autopilot is working!


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