come on universe – what else have you got?

Can we just take stock here for a moment?

2 babies who are not interested in sleeping.  Emily who is sleeping like a rock,but only in my bed (because she does not want me to be lonely).  D, by the way, is in India on a business trip.  And this morning, we lost power.  Come on!  I need to catch a break here!

Sunday night D left on the trip that has plagues me ever since.  and Sunday night was BAD.  Both babies crying, screaming, just wanting mommy, at the same time.  All night.

Monday night was bad.  They were up one after the other, all night.  But I got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

Tuesday night.  Oh Tuesday night.  The worst night ever!  Spencer screamed.  And screamed.  And screamed.  He wanted mommy.  And only mommy.  And no one else to have mommy.  And I think, THINK being the operative word here, that Sidney slept through the night.  He would scream, and then nurse.  1 or 2 swallows and he would be out cold.  I literally could have carried him by his ears and he would have slept through it.  Until i put him in the crib.  The crib that, by the way, is NOT lined with spikes or snakes, or poison.  20 minutes after being in the crib, with or without his pacifier, with or without his favorite seahorse or mobile playing, he would scream.  And the cycle would being again.  Until 3am when he conked out until about 5.  I ended up cancelled my classes for Wednesday.

Wednesday night – last night*.

9:25 nursed Sidney

9:30 Spencer refused the pacifier, sigh, is it starting again?  Nursed him.

11:00 Sidney woke up fussing, and I went to her but she did not need me.  Sidney replaced her own pacifier and went back to sleep!  All hail Sidney!

12:25 Spencer nursed

1:00 Sidney nursed

1:30 Emily wanted water

But then things got odd.  I woke up around 5am all by myself.  I NEVER wake up to silence.  But this morning I did.  Well, not exactly silence, the tiny, soft beeping of the baby monitor downstairs calling out that it is not receiving a signal.  And why was there no signal?  Well, that happens when you lose power.

And everyone woke shortly after that.  Emily took charge of lanterns and light distribution (during sandy I bought a second one, thank goodness especially since I can no longer find it on the LL Bean site.  But it is a fabulous lantern – it charges with USB in the car, or computer, and has a hand crank on top. And has an output to charge a cell phone if we need.  I love these lanterns!).

But the best part was when we were leaving to go to school, or rather, go to see if day care had power.  Last night I accidentally left the garage door open.  HALLELUJAH!!  And day care has power.  And my school has power.

So now, the kids are in day care, safe, warm, with hot food, and I am at work.  But my freezer is at home.  And in my freezer are bags and bags of homemade baby food – carrots, mango, blueberries, kale, acorn squash, butternut squash, apples, pears, green beans and zucchini.  It has until noon and then I will run home and bring it to the day care freezer.

So what’s next?  Husband out of the country, babies not interested in sleeping (but hopefully turned a corner last night, fingers crossed), no power…  Come on universe, is this the best you can do?  Come and get me!  I dare you!

* documentation from emails sent to D during the night.  You do not want to know what I sent him the other nights…


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