7 months old

I am still so disappointed that I was not able to do the monthly pictures of the twins that I did for Emily.  It was always neat to see her change over time.  So I do it manually.  Periodically I look back at pictures of the twins over the past 7 months and I am blown away.  Those tiny little preemies have become the most amazing babies.

Above all else, these babies are cuddlers!  They love to cuddle with mommy, daddy and especially Emily.  They are working on sitting and rolling.  They LOVE solids but are not yet sure about puffs (and happily, day care reports that they prefer my milk to formula).  They love music and fall asleep every night and every nap, cuddling their seahorses.   They rival Emily for the best laugh.  Sidney is my chatterbox and even though I am not yet fluent in her language, I love hearing her tell me all the things that she is telling me.

I love how much the kids love each other.  I am so proud of Emily and how well she has adjusted to being a big sister.

Playing dress up during an early morning snowstorm – my 2 little princesses

Save me, I am trapped in a house full of girls! 2 are dressing up like princesses and keep calling me a prince.

Check out Spencer’s shirt.  Notice that it is on!  I put him down for a nap with his shirt ON and came back up to this…

Yeah, he took off half his shirt.

I am so proud of the things they have learned(beyond how to take off a shirt)  – mostly that they now know how to fall asleep on their own.  I am so proud to be their mommy.  They have survived their first colds and coughs, and so have the rest of us!

And… to celebrate 7 months, Sidney once again takes the lead!  She sprouted her second tooth yesterday!  When we got to school she was SO fussy!  I nursed her and she fell fast asleep.  They have a set of seahorses at home (see the blue one in Spencer’s crib?) and another at school.  I imagine these kids will sleep with their seahorses in college.  And despite the label’s claim to the contrary, I was thrilled to learn that the seahorses are machine washable!

I could watch her sleep all day!

And how awesome are those shoes??

We are 7 months old! (or rather, as of the day mommy took this picture, we are 3 days away from being 7 months old!)

Above all else, these are happy babies.  And that makes me happy.  Spencer, Sidney, at 7 months you are crazy little babies.  World’s away from those preemies, those babies who came home, those tiny bundles who robbed us of so much sleep.  You owe me guys!  And Spencer you still owe me cheese!  But really, guys, I am so proud to be your mommy and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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