30 weeks old

At 30 weeks the twins are entirely different people from the babies we first met.  But I mean, come on, they were your typical, slightly boring, yet super cute, babies that did nothing really noteworthy or interesting.  That has changed.

Sidney is a happy little lady.  So far she is a fan of every food we have tried – sweet potato, acorn squash, zucchini, rice cereal and apples.  Apples are far and away her favorite.    She has also tried tiny bites of banana and avocado.  She is not at all interested in a sippy cup (we just got the ok to try a sippy with water at the babies 6 month appointment).  She is the funniest little kiddo and loves to laugh – and laughs at everything!  She has come to terms with her baldness and has formed a club with her equally folically challenged grandpa (although I am still holding out foe her to have to leave the club eventually).  At school she loves to do art and read stories.

Spencer is my man!  He is also a happy baby, but more laid back.  When both babies are together, it is not uncommon for her to “talk” up a storm and him to just hang out, but when it is just me and Spencer, then he does all the talking.  He loves music and cuddling.  Singing while cuddling is his favorite!  He is also a good eater, but Spencer does not like zucchini.  No, really, he hates zucchini!  He does loves his apples though.  We’ll try again in a few days (it may be a reflux thing, his med dose was recently lowered…).  He is doing pretty well with the sippy – he got it right away!

And Emily?   She is the best big sister ever!  She is always ready to cuddle, hug, hold, feed, etc a baby and loves them both to bits.  She makes a point of visiting them every day in school (which they love).    She helps me make baby food and puts select peels (mostly apples and but carrots as well) out for the deer (or other critters to snack on).  She is an expert at a new form of ninja-yoga ballet that we are considering marketing.  And she is the best hugger EVER!


Well, Emily is sleeping well, which stuns me, given the noise level that can come from the room right next to hers!  After a stretch of good nights, both kids went to sleep strikes that lasted much longer than we would have liked.  But we are getting back on track!    Last night Sidney woke once to nurse and 2ce (I think) for a pacifier.  Spencer woke a few times to nurse and once for a pacifier.  I HATE pacifiers for this very reason.  But the kids like them.  Sigh… Now I will have to wean them off them, but for now it is what it is.  But I think they are starting to understand the benefits of sleep.  Whenever they get a good night’s sleep, they wake up happy and play in their crib a bit.  This is infinitely better than the “wake and cry for mommy” cycle…

Sidney’s favorite way to sleep – a pacifier, her beloved seahorse and giraffee.


Each baby has one tooth out and one on the way.  Spencer is not enjoying this process, Sidney does not seem to care.  Sidney has weaponized hers twice.  She needs to learn fast not to bite mommy!


They have both tried and enjoyed sweet potato, acorn squash, apples (they LOVE apples)
They tolerate cereal, they don’t love it.
Sidney has tried avocado and banana – Spencer was not in the mood.
She LOVES zucchini, he, well, we’ll try again when his teeth are not bothering him…
He takes a sippy cup with water, she cannot be bothered to try

Apparently the flash at dinner time makes it look like we eat dinner in a cave at midnight…


Their favorite thing to play with, hands down, is Emily.  Followed closely by a few select favorite toys.  Taggies are a huge hit in our world!  as is Sophie the giraffe, the squeeky star blanket, and mommy’s hair.  But really, I am waiting for them to be able to sit before I bring out toys for real.  It is not that exciting to hold a toy while laying on your back or sitting in a bouncy seat….

Nothing is better than playing in big sister’s bed! Both babies love their time with Em, cuddling, playing ,reading etc in her bed.


I don’t care which of my kids it is, laughing is the best sound ever!  Thankfully they all have ticklly bellies, so I can hear it “on demand”

slightly blurry but a fun shot of sister’s laughing together.


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