A third first tooth

When we brought Sidney home from the hospital, it was bittersweet.  It was perfect because my baby girl was no longer hooked up to monitors, cared for by nurses, and most importantly, no longer not with me.  Perfection.  She was home where she belonged.  But heartbreaking at the same time, because we had to leave Spencer there for one more night.  When we left the NICU with Sidney, I knew it was my last time in the NICU and that I would not see Spencer again until the next night.  And then the next day, perfection once again, because my babies were both home with me.  Trying to keep positive and not dwell on the fact that my baby boy was away from me for one more night, I tried (and was mostly successful) to see it as a blessing, because I got to experience that perfection for a second time.

One of the joys of having more than one child is the ability to experience the “firsts” again.  First smile, first roll, etc…  Just 4 days ago, we celebrated Sidney’s first tooth – her bottom left by the way.  Both kids had the swollen gums, both kids were clearly teething, but Sidney had the first breakthrough.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the day we noticed that Emily had her first tooth.  I do remember Sidney’s first tooth tooth.  And just a few hours ago, I got to experience that first for the third time!  Spencer has a tooth – his bottom right.

let me see your tooth… Hmmm…. looks good to me…

This is where babies kind of freak me out.  He totally gets it.  He and Emily and I were playing on my bed when I noticed it and Spencer totally got the excitement and celebration.  He was talking up a storm, likely about his tooth.  He was clearly celebrating with us.  I know my kids are all naturally geniuses, but come on, this kid gets it!

Twins are hard.  VERY VERY hard!  But part of the blessing is that I get to experience all the firsts, and then experience them again.  And it was so much fun to celebrate with Sidney on Monday and with Spencer tonight.  Congratulations on your tooth Spencer!


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