A pretty impressive breakthrough

Yesterday Sidney and Spencer had their 6 month (and 2 week) well baby doctor appointment. The culmination of that visit is that both babies have colds, they got one oral vaccine, 3 shots (including flu since they are now old enough), a toe prick, an eye test and Spencer had her hearing test.  Sidney screamed through hers and they called it off.   Not the best combination of shots, and pricks and pokes and prods…  The end result was two not so chipper babies.

At that visit I saw that Mr.Spencer has some pretty swollen gums, but that Sidney was winning the race – I could just see that little bit of white under her swollen gums.  My prediction was that in the next few days, she would have a little tooth.

But I was wrong because her little tooth popped out a few hours later!

This little peanut has a tiny tooth!  It still comes and goes a bit as the swelling goes up and down, but it is there and we are all go proud of her!  Emily’s reaction was great – YAY Now Sidney can eat people food, like mashed potatoes and doors.

Doors?  (and let’s not ignore the irony of mashed potatoes that do not really require teeth 🙂 )

Cool Man and Fang Girl!

Half the fun of “posed” shots is the look of surprise. Come on, I pose you and get the camera, what did you expect?

Gorgeous big sister is so proud of baby girl!

He has his own teeth coming soon!

And for archival fun, here is Emily’s first tooth, at 38 weeks.


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