It is too quiet here

As we settled in with the twins, D and I set up a few “command centers”.  The main command center is the two bouncy seats in front of the sofa.  We can sit on the sofa with assorted supplies nearby, and the babies can hang in the bouncy seats.  This is great for double bottle feeding especially, but also works for stories, chats, playing, etc…  But right now those bouncy seats are empty.

And it is too quiet here.

This morning, the babies started day care.  it seems like decades ago that Emily started day care herself.  She was 6 months old, the same age as the babies are.  I have been so lucky (most days) to have 6 months at home with the babies – with all of my babies.  Yes, there were hard days, and hard nights, and VERY hard days, but the bottom line is that I was blessed to have so much time with them.

And now they are at school with Emily.  Safe, happy, well cared for.  But not here.  And that feels odd.  My classes start up in a few weeks and I need this time to prepare.  But it is so quiet here.

poor quality cell picture of the babies with Mrs. L, the fabulous head teacher in the infant room

I will admit that I cried.

I know that they are in fabulous hands.  Mrs. L is the best there is (she cared for Emily too and did a great job).  But it is SO quiet…

Of course I forgot the camera in the madness of getting all 3 kids ready, dressed, etc and out of the door in time.  We left 30 minutes later than I wanted to and I was not able to shower, we need to work on timing…  I don’t remember if I actually cried leaving Emily, but it has been over 3 years…  I have been waiting for this day.  For my day of silence.  For a day of nothingness.  No crying babies, no sound, nothing.  But it is a bit TOO quiet here.  No crying is good, but no little baby laughing sucks!



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