2012 Year in Review

As I do every year (2011, 2010), here is our year in review

January was all about snow, potty training, a big girl bed, and going public with the news that Emily was going to be a big sister

February was all about Emily turning 3, cheese and putting on our own socks

March was all about diy (rain gutter bookshelves, closet dividers, and more), wearing big girl underwear and making pasta

April was dominated with painting the house

May was about a campfire and s’mores in the backyard, funny comments, and playing at the beach and in the rain

June saw Emily become a big sister!


July was all about adapting and cuddling


August  was all about not sleeping and Emily’s funny comments


September saw the big “why is the sky blue?” question


October was all about Halloween, sleeping in cribs, and Hurricane Sandy


November was about Hurricane Sandy, snow, and Emily laughing with her baby brother and sister (the greatest sound ever!)

December was about the babies showing their personalities and Sidney loving Tinkerbell too

It has been a crazy year.  2012 started “normally”, or as normal as we have ever had, but the second half was unlike anything we could have ever predicted!  From the number of babies and kids we now have, to the weather, our lives have been turned upside down, shaken up, and twisted in weird knots.  But the only thing I would change is the amount of sleep D and I get at night.


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