2 years from now…

In 2 (short?) years we will have our very own kindergartener.  We live around the corner from the elementary school Emily is likely to attend.  I have questioned if that school is good enough for her.  I have questioned whether she (and the babies) should go to private school or a charter school.  I have questioned what we do if she gets a horrible teacher, a bully for a classmate, teased, etc…  but I have never once wondered if she wold  be safe there.

Now I do.

30 miles north of here in Newtown, CT, an idiot, who was apparently mad at his parents, changed the way I look at my children’s education.  18 (20?) babies went to kindergarten this morning.  And their mommies were not with them when they were crying, when they were scared, when they were shot.  They are calling this the worst school shooting in Connecticut’s history.  They are calling it the worst elementary school shooting.  They are calling it a slaughter.  They are reporting every detail available.

And they are right.  This is disgusting.  I cannot imagine what on earth cold go through anyone’s head to kill children.  I can’t imaging killing anyone, but you hear enough news reports to know that it does happen.  But to innocent children?  Forget innocent – to children??

When Emily is in day care, I don’t give it a second thought.  Yes, there are issues with her school, but I know she is well cared for, happy, and safe.  In 2 years will she be as safe?

Tonight all 3 of my babies will sleep safely in their beds.  I will check on them 2 or 3 times before I go to bed.  They will be safe.  I cannot even imagine the horrors of those parents whose babies won’t sleep in their beds ever again.

Our thoughts and prayers are with these families.  So senseless.  So tragic.  There are no words.

Our prayers are also with the parents and survivors.  With those who have to explain to their babies what happened to their friends.  With those babies who will have nightmares, asleep and awake.

I thank God every night that all three of my babies are safe. Tonight I am even more grateful.


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