Thanksgiving in pictures

Although it is late, I am still in Thanksgiving mode.  Not in the sense that I am eating nonstop but more in the sense that  am still beyond grateful for everything I have.  Because even on bad days (aka, days with no help, no break, and seemingly no sleep), both babies have smiles that make it all better (or at least make it all ok…)

So please join me in returning to Thanksgiving…

I am telling you, a big holiday is coming, where we eat and eat and eat…

What a great idea for a holiday! or for a random Tuesday really…
Hey, anyone know why are we suddenly in black and white?

Thanksgiving morning photo shoot. 2 kids all smiles and one who seems deeply intensely pensive…

To me, Thanksgiving is all about family and food.  We got the family part down (got a picture of all three kids together and spent the day with family).  So let’s talk food!

Emily really enjoyed the drumstick…. And the rolls, and the applesauce and the sweet potato… and dessert.

Emily was not the only stellar eater at the Thanksgiving table.  Sidney enjoyed her first taste of food.  She had several baby size bites of applesauce (homemade and very yummy!) and even tried one tiny bite of sweet potato*.

Spencer was less excited but gamely tried a few bites of applesauce.

Sidney seems nearly ready for solid foods but Spencer seems like he wants to wait a bit longer.  Regardless of Sidney’s state of readiness, both kids are waiting a bit longer.  This was a special holiday treat.  Besides if you have a tiny baby and you have homemade, real, pure, no preservatives, applesauce sitting in front of you, you let the baby try it.

Since then, Emily has been “training” the babies to eat.  She gives them the little baby spoon she found recently and cheers when they put it in their mouth.   We have our 5 month well visit coming up and I am pretty sure we’ll get the ok to start solids at our leisure.  Meanwhile, Emily and I will continue making food – next up, acorn squash (we have butternut squash, pumpkin, pears, acorn squash and apples in the freezer, waiting, ready to go.).

*  Yes, I know the rule of feeding babies solid food is to start a new food every 3-4 days in case of reactions, and yes, I broke that rule.

** pictures of the babies eating were taken by Grandma; thanks for capturing this special moment for us!


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