A Zooper Duper Stroller

When I was pregnant with the twins, I did a ton of research on double strollers.  I wanted side by side, but I wanted to be able to snap in car seats.  Maybe I was spoiled with Emily.  For her, we got the city mini baby jogger (single), and snapped the car seat right in.  I knew I did not want a snap and go, I found them clumsy to steer and the baby sat to low for me.  So now, with twins, I wanted the city mini double (of course) with the same car seat ability.  Then I found out the city mini double only took one car seat.  My solution – Craig’s List and a $40 Graco tandem stroller that takes 2 Graco cars seats.  Done.  Temporarily.

When I was researching strollers, all baby products really, I appreciated first person accounts beyond the Amazon reviews, so here is my review of our brand new double stroller.

When it comes to twins and strollers the options are really, side by side or tandem.  For infants ad car seats, tandem is easier (well, I haven’t tried car seats side by side, and won’t but I did fine the tandem to be easy enough).  But for toddlers, 2 year olds etc… I wanted a side by side.  Plus, all the moms of multiples told me I would want a side by side.

This past Black Friday I randomly searching the internet to see if the city mini was on sale.  And instead I saw a stroller I had never heard of – for a fabulous price!  The Zooper Tango.  I spent 2 days researching this stroller and the only real negative I found was that the cup holder made it wider than a standard doorway.  And we bought it.

And I love it!

It is colorful, not just boring black, and pretty colors at that.

So, while Sidney napped, Spencer and I checked it out.  He really liked it.  He stretched and danced and touched every part he could reach.


It took some doing but we got the footmuff all figured out.  This will be fabulous for winter days and it snaps on so easily!


One of the reasons I loved the city mini so much was the sunshade.  It was huge but it is nothing compared to the sunshade on the zooper, and I only opened the first section of the sunshade.  There is one more section to open – this things is ginormous!  Love it!


Each seat reclines independently (here Spencer is showing the full recline),and the sunshades work independently too.


The bottom foot rest zips up to make a sort of ledge.  The People at Zooper (zoper-ites?) suggest zipping it up when the seat is fully reclined.  Spencer is not fully reclined here but he was not a fan.  He liked having more freedom…  But it is a neat feature nonetheless.

Once Sidney woke up, she became a fan (fellow Zoop-ite?) as well.


You can read all about the Zooper Tango on the web site.  I am not going to give a sales pitch.  I will just saw that I test drove the city mini double and the GT, the stroll air, and a few others.  In the store, with no babies, they all felt pretty much the same to me.  The Zooper feels good.  It rolls nicely and smoothly.  We took several walks – lapping the sunroom and the stone room.  I haven’t taken it outside yet.  It seems to fold and unfold easily, but we have only done that once.  The babies seem comfortable and happy.  The footmuff will keep them warm i the winter.  I am happy.  And that price was amazing for a double stroller.

So the bottom line is that I took a chance on a stroller I had never heard of and I am so glad I did, so far, inside, I love this stroller.  As long as it fits int he car, and I am sure it will, I am good to go!


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