Closing in on 5 months

With Emily, I was so good, so diligent about those monthly pictures.  Every month, Emily and the monkey and the chair.  So far I have not been very successful at capturing the twins months pictures.  I loved Emily’s monthly line up and hate that I don’t have that for the twins.  But that is not to say that I don’t have tons and tons of fabulous pictures of the babies, because I do!

So, as the twins approach 5 months (November 18th…), here are some (ok, a lot) of my favorites from their 21 weeks plus one day photo shoot.

I call her “pretty head” because she is pretty and you can see her head. This is my funny little “pretty head” girl.

The twins are just starting to notice each other, and occasionally interact.

But they also roll away from each other a lot too…

Hey Brother, do you think she is almost done taking pictures of us yet?

Ignore her…
Hey, can I eat your arm?

Is she STILL at it?

Whatever, I have waited long enough, I am eating the arm already!


Remember her? Em helped me make dinner tonight, in her birthday crown of course







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