The great post-Sandy snowstorm

As if the hurricane was not enough…  After 8 days, including Halloween*, without power, water, heat, patience.  After 4 (4? 5?) nights living with family in northern Connecticut.  After the car breaking down.  After the mini van the rental company gave us.  After sleepless nights because I apparently cannot make a kid willing to sleep in a pack and play.  After deal with the insecurities and fear of a 3 year old who is unable to express them any way other than hyper-clingy-ness.  After whatever else I have (hopefully permanently) erased from my memory.  After all of that…  it snowed.

The day of the storm, Wednesday, I picked Emily up from school as soon as she woke from her nap and got her home early in an attempt to beat the storm.  We came home to the grass already covered in snow.

We also came home to a treat – D had come home early and built a nice, cozy fire in the fireplace.  There is nothing like coming home in a storm to a warm, cozy fire.

The weathermen had been talking about this storm for about a week, but I was not willing to listen (or care) until we got power back.  We got power back** and learned that we were likely going to lose it the next night.  In a snow storm.  Seriously?  Really Mother Nature?  Is all this really necessary???  The power blinked a few times, but blissfully, we caught a break and did not lose power!  or heat!  or water!

We woke to a winter wonderland.  I love how it looks right after a snowstorm.  When the sky is a pale grey and the ground and trees are covered in white.  My lilac and rhododendron trees did not love it as much (the rhododendron was nearly touching the ground and the poor lilac was horizontal under the weight of the snow) but they have popped back up fairly well.  The lilac still needs some TLC but now it has to wait until spring…

Emily’s school was delayed.  So we played in the snow!

Sidney was not sure at first, but seemed to enjoy the snow. Spencer stayed inside and slept through it.

(since this was Sidney’s first snow, here is Emily’s first snow)


* Emily has never known a Halloween with power.  She has had 4 Halloween parties now – 2 with power, 1 without power during a snowstorm, and 1 (this year), mere days before the power went out.

**by the way, we got power back and celebrated with a nice family outing – to vote.


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