Hurricane Sandy

OK, we are ready to go, or as ready as we can possibly be…

All 3 kids are in their beds, sleeping soundly.

The bathtub is full.

There are 2 buckets of water next to the bathtub (the door is closed and Emily knows not to open it).

We have 4 gallons of water in the basement, one in the kitchen and one in the master bath.

The greenhouse window is full of water.  (I love having a well, except when we lose power and I am so paranoid that all this water is not enough.  I mean, maintain my milk and making formula takes a lot of water!)

Non perishable food is stocked.

C and D batteries are stocked.

The lantern is fully charged.

Three loads of laundry and one load in the dishwasher done.

Storm windows down.

Everything from outside moved in.  the blueberry bush and herb garden, and bird feeder in the garage, the swings in the basement.

We have craft projects, paint, lots of paper and a million stickers for Emily.  We have puzzles and games and baby dolls.

We have blankets to try to keep warm, firewood, matches, kindling and newspaper.

There is nothing left to do now but wait.  And see what happens…  The unknown is what is killing me!  I know we are sure to lose power – but when?  And for how long?

since I took this picture, 2 more big pitchers of water have joined the collection.  The sunflower is there just to be cheery.

So I am signing off until after the storm.  Fingers crossed that the power loss will be minimal.  Good luck to you all and I hope you all come through the storm easily with no damage!


edit – Monday 6am – We still have power!  It was a fairly good night, but Emily, Spencer and D all have vary active cough/colds.  Poor Spencer is back in the Rock N Play so he can sleep better.  Sidney is amazing and apparently impervious to germs!  (I am calling my cold “inactive” because no cold would DARE infect me now!  I am now attacking this storm with military precision and cannot be hampered by a cold…)


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