No time to think, but time to craft….

Because there will ALWAYS be time to create fun, beautiful things, here is a round up of all the crafty things I have done since the birth of the babies…

(warning, VERY picture heavy, enter at your own risk!)

1. Command Center

Did you know that glass acts as a dry erase board? LOVE this calendar and it fits the space perfectly. Yes, we do have a monthly calendar hanging nearby, but this is perfect to see our week, and much prettier!

This is a simple (clearance + coupon!!) picture frame, letter stickers and scrapbook paper. I even found a sheep of scrapbook paper that was divided into 6 4×6 sections – boom! Fits perfectly!

2. Chairs

I picked up these chairs off Craig’s List. The two chairs nest perfectly in the back of the jeep, and take up exactly the same amount of space as as the stroller. They are rosewood and I LOVE them! I decided to leave them unpainted and they still work perfectly with our table and the other chairs (here and here).

This is what I started with.  GORGEOUS!  But needs a seat pad and fabric.  Emily helped me secure the fabric and now we have these fabulous (and fabulously comfortable) chairs

one down, one to go… love these chairs so much!

3. Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

This year I wanted Em to do a pumpkin craft but I am not ready for pumpkin carving. I am ready for pumpkin gutting though – mmmm fresh roasted pumpkin seeds…. But at this stage in the game, they are not worth it, when they are readily available at the grocery store.

So instead we went a prettier route.

we peeled the crayons, broke them in half and glued them onto the pumpkin.

Then we brought out the big guns – the hair dryer!

This is little kid friendly – supervised! The wax does splatter

4. Frame

I saw this frame at God Will a few months back and was really drawn to it, but I was not a fan of the words…

I debated the colors but I wanted something pink and blue…  or green?  or purple?  So I went with my first gut reaction and painted it with a mix of pink paint and sparkly paint and now my frame looks like this.

I THINK I want to move the hardware so it hangs with the pink on the bottom, but first I need a picture to put in it, then I will know for sure.

5. bathroom hooks

The people who sold us the house completely gutted the downstairs bathroom. That was good in the sense that I did not love the decor they had, but it meant no mirror (fixed), toilet paper holder (fixed) or towel bar( now fixed!).

This was the wall before

A gorgeous chocolate brown bathroom with tons of light and (now) a simple mirror. I wanted a fun towel bar. Something unique. I had my heart set on doorknobs!! My cousin and I spent days scouring thrift/second hand/antique stores in New Orleans for door knobs, but nothing… Until I saw on Pinterest (of all places) that Pier One had them! Seriously?? I finally got a chance to check them out and I did not love them… But I did love the flower hooks I found!

Nope, they don’t match, but they are pretty and add that bling that I wanted in there. Pretty and sparkly – fun!!

6.  And lastly – the step stool

I was at a tag sale recently and a woman gave me this stool (free, yay, fun!).  It is a great stool, and does its job well, but Emily is not a Dora fan.

but she is a fan of pink, so I took it and fixed it up, Emily style!

She chose the princesses, I did the rest.  This is spray adhesive, mod podge and then a spray sealer.  Simple and Em loves it.  And the best part in my mind is that spray sealer is NOT slick!  I was really worried that the top would be an oil slick of slippery-ness, but it is not.  It has the same amount of “traction” it had as a Dora stool, if not more.

So there you go, the 6 projects I have completed in the babies 18 weeks of life.  Not bad for infant twins, if I do say so myself.

But the best and most beautiful of my creations is this one:


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