Baby Corporate Sponsors

I want to take a minute to thank the companies that have generously “sponsored” our babies.

Many heartfelt thanks to….

The Munchkin Corporation for their gift of a diaper pail.  In fairness I should tell you all that we got this right about when Emily was pretty much potty trained, and since I had never used or needed a diaper pail with Em, I never even unboxed it.  But now, we need it, and we use it!  I just have never been a fan of, what to me, equates to storing dirty diapers in the kids bedroom.  Then again, they don’t use that room for sleeping (a whole other story), so maybe it doesn’t matter.  I am sure when the kids start solids and get smelly diapers that I will rethink this but for now I love this system!  The Munchkin diaper pal is a great one!  I have NEVER, EVER smelled anything in the nursery.  And that is all that matters to me.  The bags are pretty cheap really (price wise) and hold a ton and are easy to put in and out.  I do wish the handle to open the door to remove the bags was not so “little kid friendly” – a nice big easy to grip knob.  But still, we are extremely grateful to the company for the gift.

Sidney’s first cloth diaper attempt – a Rocky Mountain pocket on the smallest (yet still too big) setting

Yes I know it is ironic to include a picture of Sidney in her first ever cloth diaper, but wipes still go in the diaper pail, so it works.

The First Years generously gave us 2 sets of sippy cups and 2 baby toys.  We loved these sippy cups for Emily but we only ever used the small ones.  These larger ones will definitely be a huge help and are very much appreciated.  The toys are super cute, with each foot made out of different material – soft, crinkly, etc.  One has been saved for the kids, the other Emily confiscated for her baby dolls.

Huggies very generously gave us a bunch of high value coupons.  And since Spencer is only in cloth part time and Sidney’s bottom is still too small (she blew out of both cloth diapers in a row, sigh), these coupons are awesome.  Similarly, Emfamil graciously sent us high value coupons and a rebate form.

So I just want to offer many thanks to these corporations for their “multiples programs”.  It is unnecessary but very kind and very appreciated!


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