Anyone hungry?

I am a big proponent of going green, especially with the babies.  Emily was cloth diapered part time, and now Spencer is too.  Sidney’s bottom is a tad too small for the diapers we own, but she’ll get there…

The one “green” baby thing I have always been the most scared of is making my own baby food.  OMG it is ridiculously easy!

I took 4 small to medium macouns from our apple picking trip, peeled them and chopped them into pieces.  I put them in a pot with some water and boiled/steamed them.  I let them cool, them used my blender with some of the steaming water to make this:

which is now 16 little (nearly) 1 once servings of baby food.

macoun apples waiting for babies to start solids

No fat, no preservatives, no salt, no chemicals and no additional costs!  And maybe 15 minutes of my life!  Perhaps the best part was Em licking the spoon and pronouncing it “yummy”.  I want to take advantage of seasonal foods – corn, squash, more apples, maybe even pumpkins?  I have no plans to feed the babies 100% homemade baby food, but like cloth diapers, even a little does a lot of good.


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