A lost art, remembering my grandmother

For as long as I can remember I have been an avid cross-stitcher.  My grandmother really got me started and she loved how much I loved it.  She herself was a fabulous crocheter and Emily and the twins have all enjoyed the baby blankets she made me.  My grandmother loved that I loved stitching.  I still have my first ever pattern book, from her, although my skill has far surpassed that book.  I like to think that she would be proud and impressed with the pieces I have done.

I have probably been stitching for close to (gulp!) 25 years!  I started when I was 12 or so, and I have created some amazing pieces of art.  I have always wanted to have my work formally judged and a few weeks ago I finally got that chance.

Disregarding the number of entries in the cross stitch category (um, 2), I won first and second prize!  Still something to be proud of, despite my cousin’s reminder that I also came in last and second to last…  But what struck me most were the comments relayed to me about how no one does cross stitch anymore and how it has become a lost art.  A lost art?  How depressing!

A few days later a cross stitch catalog arrived in the mail and I saw this:

Queen Anne’s Lace

GASP!  I love, love, love it!!!!  I want it, I must do it!  My living room/bedroom/hallway/kitchen/bathroom wall is screaming for this piece!  But, as much as I love (sigh, drool) this piece and can totally see it in my house (somewhere, everywhere), this pattern/fabric/floss/needle combo costs a whopping $175.00 US dollars!  One hundred and seventy five dollars!  No wonder they say cross stitch is a dying art – at these prices it will never survive!!

Let me be clear here on my million dollar hobby.  Most pieces are much, MUCH, less expensive.

I do plan to start a pattern this winter.  I did an E for Emily, so I need an S for Sidney.  Spencer gets a frog (already on the nursery wall), or a pattern of his choosing later, I have some ideas…

And I am about 1/8 of the way through an owl quilt for the twins, much likes Emily’s alphabet quilt.

This hobby has brought me countless hours (um, decades) of relaxation (stress release!), pride, and has added beauty to my walls (and books in the form of bookmarks).  And I miss it.  It has defined a large part of my life.  And now it is a dying art?  That depresses me.  But it also makes me wonder…  What hobbies will the kids develop?  We make an effort to expose them to a variety of things, what will they gravitate to?  So far Em has done lots of crafting with me – we have covered chairs and colored pumpkins.  We have cooked and baked.  Are one of these her future hobby/obsession?  Or is it something we haven’t tried yet?  And will I even recognize that a hobby is forming??  Will she?


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