Shana Tova 5773

Happy New Year to all my babies!

This morning, with Spencer sleeping upstairs in his crib (YAY!!!  We have started transitioning to the crib!), Sidney sleeping on my chest, and Emily playing nearby, I went back to see what we were up to as we rang in 5772.  Wow, things are so different now!

Then we had a very open, slightly empty, adult, living room, perfect for running laps, with most (90% at least) of the toys in the playroom.  Now the living room is more playroom than the original playroom (the sunroom).  Then we had time for everything, now…  well….

My goal for 5772 was to spend the year trying to give Emily the same joy, happiness, and fulfillment she has given me.  How did I do?  (when I asked her how I did with this goal, she said, “good”, whew).  But look at my life now.    Wow!

So 5773 is devoted to continuing the transition from a family of 3 to a family of 5.   It is devoted to figuring out to balance all these people and still find time to brush my teeth.  To making sure everyone gets fed, dressed, cleaned, etc, but also and equally critical is making sure everyone gets play time and solo mommy time.

Play time is getting easier now, finally!  The babies are 13 weeks today and aware, alert and more interactive.

playing on a blanket my grandmother made when I was a baby

playing on the rug

In both of these pictures, Sidney is wearing newborn size clothes that Spencer has outgrown.  Yes, the one in the bottom picture says “boy” on it, but it was clean, it fits, she is dressed…  My babies and gender and color is a whole other post…  stay tuned.

Anyway, this year we celebrated Rosh Hashanah by going apple picking.  Food has a special place in Jewish holidays and on the new year we eat apples and honey to signify a sweet year and sweetness for the year to come.  How better to celebrate than by picking apples?

crisp, delicious macoun apples and a gorgeous blue sky

The trees were the perfect height for a tiny picker

Em found lots of apples

She had a blast picking apples

We were told that one bag pf apples would be $20, so we let Em fill the bag and stopped.  We could have done more though, our full bag was about half that.  We will definitely go back in a few weeks, this time fir 2 bags because I will be diving headfirst into making baby food – starting with apples (which we will freeze until we are ready to start solids).

Our bumper crop and Rosh Hashana flowers

L’Shana Tova to all of our family and friends, may your lives be as blessed as ours is!


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