11 weeks in…

So let’s take stock of where we are now…

11 weeks in, Emily is the best big sister ever.

She adores the babies and hugs and cuddles them often.  She has, more than once, held a crying baby and calmed it.  She has given a bottle.  She is a fabulous bath helper.  Simply the world’s greatest big sister!  And all this with no training!

11 weeks of baldness…

Face it, Sidney is bald as a cue ball.  Bald, bald, bald, with only a very thin, fine layer of fuzz protecting her tiny head.  But she is alert and interested in everything!  She holds her head up and looks around at the world around her.  Most of the time she looks like she is taking it all in, and reserving judgement.  Sidney will smile great big and laugh, if you earn it.  She does not hand out smiles to just anyone.  But if you get one, you will see the biggest smile in the world!  I have yet to get a really great picture of Sidney smiling.

11 weeks of inquisitiveness (is that a word?  11 weeks of learning…)

Spencer is just as alert and also taking it all in.  He clearly has SO much to tell me, but he just doesn’t have all the words yet.  Once he does, watch out!  Spencer also has a huge smile that just lights up his face.  He loves to laugh at mommy’s silly noises and tickles.  But at the heart of it all, Spencer is my little cuddle bug.

11 weeks of adapting to a bigger family…

Emily is still gorgeous while adapting to a bigger family (yeah, really this is just shameless showing off here, no real reason to share this one, but I love this picture and decided to share it.)

11 weeks of companionship…

Cheese? Say cheese? Huh? What is cheese? What exactly are you expecting here mommy?

No matter what, Spencer and Sidney will always have each other, and I love that!  They don’t really notice each other yet, and really don’t interact, beyond the occasional (hopefully unintentional) smack.  The fact that they are in matching outfits was a pure coincidence on this day (a gift from my OB), so I thought it would be a good time to get some pictures to send to the NICU.  I think (hope?) the nurses and doctors there will get a kick out of seeing how much they have grown.  And also what they look like wire free.

11 weeks of love….

They may not really be interacting yet, but they do occasionally hold hands.  The 2 pictures after this one (not shown here because they are not really good pictures), show Sidney grabbing Spencer’s hand and then pulling it to her mouth.  She either sucks on it or kisses it, hard to tell which one.  Regardless, this is some outside play time for him and nap time for her.

11 weeks of….

embezzlement (just seeing who is paying attention 🙂 )
and more confusion

11 weeks of “Which baby are you holding”, “which one needs a… bath/diaper/feeding/tummy time?”, “where is the other one?” etc…

11 weeks of fearing (knowing) that no one is getting enough of my time and attention and wondering how to fix that…

But 11 weeks of more love than I knew was possible.  I adore D and Emily so much and I really did worry about this in my pregnancy.  Would it even be possible to love the new guys as much as I love Emily.  Well, they are more complex than she was, they tend to double team me at the worse possible time (aka, when I am alone or bathing Emily or something…), and frankly, they outnumber me, but it turns out that it is possible.  A lot of the time I feel very robotic.  Get Em to school, eat as fast as I can, feed the first to wake, diapers, bouncy seat, feed #2, diapers, etc…  But then I will be playing with one (or both) and get great big smiles and suddenly it is less robotic, less survival mode, and more being a mommy.  I love Emily more than I will ever be able to express to her, but these new guys are growing on me too.  And somehow, I love them just as much (or at least nearly as much, after all, Em does sleep through the night and is potty trained  🙂 )


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2 thoughts on “11 weeks in…

  1. I love to see how much they are growing and changing week by week. Emily is a great big sister. I think we all go into rush mode at times trying to do what needs to be done. Those moments are often followed by wonderment as we hold our children, look into their faces and realize how amazing they are.

  2. Your sweet children are precious! All three of them (btw, Emily has gorgeous eyes!)

    You are doing a beautiful job, Mama! The first few weeks are such an adjustment. I’m so glad that you are making time to document it though! You will really appreciate being able to look back at the days in just a few short months! 🙂

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