A morning in the life, aka why I need tea

This week Emily’s school was closed for maintenance.   So I thought to commemorate the day of me plus 3 kids plus (gulp) no help,  it might be interesting to document our morning.  So here it is, a morning with a preschooler and 2 month old twins, as accurate as my memory and notes can be. 

6:30 Em woke up (in our bed), checked on the babies and we played in bed for a bit.

6:45 came down, cleaned a bit, did 2 puzzles and vacuumed the kitchen.  (so far, not at all typical, why are the babies still sleeping?  Did they eat at 4 or 5??)

7:00 made Em breakfast, assembled and put away bottles  (even odder that babies are sleeping, what a great morning!)

7:30 Spencer woke up and peed on the changing table, and at that minute, Em announced she had to go potty.  Took Em to the bathroom, dressed Spencer, cleaned up said pee, started negotiations will Emily over today’s clothes (I am rooting fir pants, she wants a dress…  I will prevail, the negotiations are going my way…)

8:15 nursing Spencer, Sidney waking up upstairs (ok, need more hands now), Em eating and playing

8:20 Sidney crying, Spencer does not want to stop nursing…

8:25 Sidney changed, dressed, eating.  Spencer in bouncy seat, Em hugging babies and telling them about her life as a baby

8:26 Spencer spit up, trying to reach to wipe his mouth without Sidney unlatching.  unsuccessful.

8:30 with 2 crying babies, washed Em’s breakfast dishes and last nights bottles while heating up water to make bottles for babies, made 2 bottles with vitamins, ate a handful of candy corn, helped Em unlace her sewing and got set up to bottle feed both at once (I  need tea!!)

8:38 I swear Sid just said “mama!

8:41 Sid pushed away bottle to laugh at me, Spencer eating, Sid regretting earlier actions and frantically looking for bottle

8:45 burping both crying babies, Sid spit up (on me), Em asking for help with sticker game, I seriously need tea (Spencer took maybe half an ounce, but did a full nursing, Sidney 2 oz formula, 1 oz breast milk).  I have 45 mns to finish feeding babies, shower etc, dress Em, and make a picnic lunch for today’s trip to the zoo with  her friend.  Oh and while I fed Sidney, Spence spit up.  Now feeding him while she chills

9:00 both babies fed and happy, they are in bouncy seats, Em and I race upstairs.  I take world’s fastest shower (may have only washed  left side of body), while Em gets dressed and reports that they are both crying.  Finish shower, babies quiet (crap, did they cry it out, damn!), get dressed, both crying again.

9:20 Sidney finishing earlier bottle, Spencer chilling (I am perfecting one handed typing 🙂 ).  Em is gathering pacifiers, I still want tea, and I need to put together our picnic lunch, and the diaper bag….

9:37 picnic packed, diaper bag packed, babies ready to go, heading to the zoo to meet friends, anticipate we will be 10 minutes late…

We arrived at the zoo 20 minutes late.

All in all, a fairly routine (except for the babies late start) morning.

And I never got my tea.

But Em had a great time at the zoo, and that is better than tea.


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