Celebrating 2 months – a perfect afternoon

Here in the northeast, we have had crazy weather.  A “warm” winter (says everyone but me, I was cold!), a wet spring, a weird summer…  but yesterday was fabulous.  Right around 80 degrees, low humidity (morning showers), and we spent the afternoon outside.    So after we took our 2 month pictures, we took the babies outside to play.

We all (well, the big people) enjoyed a snack of veggie sticks, pretzels, apples and the best mushroom hummus I have ever had.  Then Em pulled her chair over to the little pool to relax.

While the rest of us stayed near the front flowers (from front to back, the pink flowers Em picked out that I have never identified, the day lilies and bringing up the rear, the black eyed Susan bed)

The babies stayed in bouncy seats and looked around, dozed, and seemed quite happy.

Don’t be fooled – that smile is cute and adorable and part evil!

And to catch up on some older pictures.

Sid rocking out in Spencer’s newborn size clothes, that was way too small for him to wear.

Mirror play (and me trying to get all creative/artsy with the camera)

Princess Twirly Dress showing off the sun-glasses my boss got her.

a fun outtake from the 2 month picture series

Sunday, after we all spent the morning at a local fair, D swears Spencer rolled belly to back, but he has no witnesses…  If a tree falls….

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