8 weeks old!

OK, first of all I am still stunned that we got pregnant with twins.  Second, I am still stunned that they are here and came 5 weeks early.  But for them to be nearly 2 months old completely blows my mind!  And I admit it, I cheated and peaked ahead…

Before I completely dazzle you with my ability to see the future, here is Emily at the twins age.  Gorgeous!!  That big shot of her on the pink boppy pillow is still one of my all time favorites and still sits on the bookshelf in a prime location.

I know comparisons are silly, and I won’t go there, trust me, but here is what I found from looking into the future, via the past…

At 9 weeks Emily rolled from her belly to her back, and pictures of said roll…  What I notice is how well she holds her head up!

OK, I am NOT comparing, especially since the twins aren’t holding theirs heads up that well yet, but I am thrilled to know these milestones are a week away.  But are they?  Emily was 4 days early and hit lots of milestones early.  The twins are 5 weeks early.  Head control and rolling could be 6 weeks off (5 weeks early + 1 week on Emily’s schedule).  That alone is why I can’t bother to make comparisons.  I am a math nerd but this becomes advanced math fast – times two!

Speaking of the roller…

Rollers turn into cheesy hams when they get bigger

Em is a fabulous big sister.  She loves to hold the babies, loves to hold their hands (especially in the car), and takes pacifier duty seriously, which is to say that any time  she sees a pacifier, she is adamant a baby needs it.

This shot has nothing to do with the babies, but I love it, so I am sharing.

But before they can be cheesy, hammy, camera hogs, the babies have to grow and reach a few milestones.

No one rocks out a pink bouncer like my man Spencer

Sidney wearing a gift from my OB (Spencer spit up in his earlier this morning, so no matching outfit pictures)

Seriously? Isn’t the picture in the pink bouncer bad enough? Now you feel the need to photograph me in a pink bib too?? Mom, I am a BOY!

Our 2 month well visit is next week, but last week Sidney weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and Spencer weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces.  They are still gaining about an ounce a day and other than Spencer’s reflux, are doing fabulous!


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One thought on “8 weeks old!

  1. Our babies were early too and reached their milestones behind what is typical. But, if you do the adjusted age (after subtracting the number of weeks that they were early), they might be not far behind, right on time, or even early in their milestones. I love all the great pictures of the kids, including the one of Emily when she was the same age. I love the shot of Spencer with his hand up while he is wearing the pink bib and your caption…very funny!

    : 0 ) Theresa

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